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The N.S.W Government banned the mass release of balloons in 1999.The state of N.S.W is the only Australian state that has adopted this legislation.  

The fact remains that released balloons do create litter. We encourage all our Clients to please dispose of their balloons in a thoughtful way.

Pin it and Bin it

Unfortunately some do not do this, and they simply release the balloons outside with no regard to where they may end up.

The N.S.W legislation has a loophole that allows for the sale of 19 balloons for release into the atmosphere. This loophole has been used by balloons suppliers when people have requested this for funerals and commemorative services.

In supplying this service in the past we always used biodegradable latex balloons, no clips and bio degradable ribbon,however Every Special Moment in good conscience, will no longer provide this service.The issue of balloon litter is a major concern and we do not want to be the cause of inadvertently harming any animal through ingestion of balloon fragment or entanglement.

Every Special Moment has joined PEBA – Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. Please go to to see a full listing of the Alliance’s objectives.

Every Special Moment embraces all objectives of PEBA and will abide by all the guidelines.