*Delivery 7 Days a week subject to bookings and availability.Our Local delivery area covers the Tomaree Peninsular to Bobs Farm - including Murrays Brewery and The Winery.Please contact us for a quote for out of area delivery.We endeavor to offer same day delivery although we do encourage pre- orders for special events and celebrations to cover both delivery/booking availability and stock.

**Booking Policy: All function Decorating bookings will be issued with an Invoice with a deposit of 50% minimum to be paid to secure booking and stock.The balance of all monies due to be paid in full 7 days prior to event.Balloon delivery services to be paid in full on booking. No refund will be given for cancellations. A Credit for services only (not retail supplies) will be issued to be used within 6 months of issue

***By their very nature, balloons are extremely fragile. Very occasionally, they will fail due to their fragile nature. This is not something we can foresee or predict.We work really hard to make sure our customers are happy 100% of the time.Balloons are very easily damaged – sometimes by touching them onto things. We cannot be held responsible if this happens.Balloons are affected by temperature – both the heat and cold affect what happens to their size and their float time.Once balloons have been delivered/assembled at your venue we cannot be held responsible for what happens to them.


Latex Helium filled Balloons 30cm+ should float for 16+ hours in favorable conditions.

Helium filled latex balloons are affected by exposure to heat/transport conditions/sharp and rough surfaces/movement such as wind and air conditioning and rain.

ULTRA HI-FLOAT BALLOON TREATMENT : Balloon "float time" can be extended by the use of "Ultra Hi-Float" balloon treatment.Balloon bouquets and balloons needed  over an extended time frame can be treated to extended the float time by a *number of days. All our "foil/latex deluxe bouquets" are treated with "Ultra Hi-Float" all other latex balloons can be treated on request at an additional cost.

*Due to the sensitive nature of helium filled latex balloons we can only guarantee latex balloons on day of purchase.


**Paper Confetti colours available - multi/black/white/light pink/magenta/light blue/dark blue/silver/gold

N.B:We do not use "Hi - Float" in balloons filled with paper confetti.When your balloons are filled a static will cause the paper confetti to cling to the sides of the balloon at first.The paper confetti will fall to the bottom gradually and you can then give the balloon a little shake or gently rub the sides of the balloon to get a static reaction again.This will depend on temperature conditions and results will vary greatly.  

**Metallic Confetti colours available - silver/gold/rose gold/magenta/blue/assorted 

N.B: "Hi - Float" is always used with Metallic Confetti.This enables the inside of the balloon to become sticky and the confetti will adhere to the sides.The amount of confetti will vary according to the size of the balloon chosen due to weight/float ratio